Mission Project 2 (MP2) was formed in 2012 as the first evolution and replication of The Mission Project.  Like the original Mission Project program, Mission Project 2 enables capable adults with developmental or cognitive disabilities to live independently and safely in their own apartments, integrated into the general community with minimal support.


Families, guardians and friends of these adults, as well as dedicated professionals, joined forces to realize the goals of the Mission Projects.  The first Mission Project participant moved into her own apartment in 2004, and by Spring 2012, five Mission Project 2 participants were ready to move into their own apartments.


MP2 has grown in expanding numbers, with its participants living independently and employed in the community throughout the metro area.  Combined, both organizations currently have 29 members, with expected growth in the future.


MP2 works towards a comprehensive vision for our participants, including many opportunities for growth and development:

  • Encouraging participants to find and maintain meaningful employment.

  • Socializing with peers.

  • Learning new skills in variety of classes.

  • Participating in recreational and cultural activities.

  • Getting and staying fit, and developing healthy, safe lifestyles.

  • Developing leadership skills & giving back to their local community.

  • Honing social skills and learning how to resolve interpersonal challenges.

MP2 Project Highlights

  • MP2 provides for the work-related transportation needs  of the participants.


  • All participants have memberships at the nearby Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center, where they exercise and join scheduled activities and classes.


  • The Community Strong group helps participants build their interpersonal skills, social integration abilities, time management skills and their knowledge of their surrounding community.


  • Frequent social activities promote friendship, social interaction and sense of community.


  • Travel Club helps participants plan, organize and execute trips and travel, mainly outside of Kansas City. Past trips include Chicago in May 2014 and St. Louis in August 2016, as well as several local day trips.


  • Movie Club decides democratically what movie to attend each month and discusses the movie afterwards.


  • Garden Club introduced participants how to care for plants and vegetables grown in containers on their patios.  This program has expanded into the creation of a new Community Garden adjacent to their apartments.


  • The Arts Enrichment Program gives the participants access to: explore complex artistic subjects in an educational forum; express their own insights, personalities and points of view through their artwork; and display and discuss their artwork in the Kansas City arts and general community.