On May 21, 2014, the Mission, Kansas, City Council approved an agreement with Mission Project 2 that started our program for a raised-bed community garden for the participants adjacent to the apartment complex in which they live.


This is a project that was championed by many people, including Christie Humerickhouse and Natalie Lucas from the Mission Parks and Recreation and John Belger from the Mission Public Works, which was enthusiastically endorsed by the City Council.

The City of Mission has been a continuing community partner, including providing a water source for the garden. Local Boy Scout Troop #118 raised money and volunteered their labor to build essential structures in the garden, including the raised beds, a pergola, fencing and picnic benches that allow the participants to sit and enjoy their landscape. Additional funding and practical support has been granted from the local Mission Hy-Vee store.


This program is helping to teach the participants how to care for a variety of plants and grow their own healthy foods to prepare and eat, as well as having improved and created a new purpose for the area by their apartment complex.

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This project helps the participants work towards specific goals, and contributes to the comprehensive vision for our participants, including many opportunities for growth and development:

  • Learning to care for a variety of plants & vegetables.

  • Growing their own healthy foods to eat.

  • Discovering value & satisfaction in caring for their own garden plots.

  • Being physically active in constructive ways by working in their garden.

  • Developing leadership skills & giving back to their community.

Early Community Garden Highlights

Mission Project 2


The participants met with Cagney Bustamante and Boy Scout Troop #118, who volunteered their time building the MP2 Community Garden's raised beds as part of Cagney's Eagle Scout project.  

They then created their own decorative stones from

Mission Project 2
Mission Project 2


Groundbreaking included some hard physical work clearing the lot of trash, brush & debris and marking construction locations.  Footers were also dug and poured for the future fence line, and boundary tub planters were laid out with concrete & gravel bases.

concrete, and added glass and stone objects to make unique creations to help identify their individual plots.


Hy-Vee awarded Mission Project 2 a One Step Community Garden Grant, championed by Dan Welsh, who was the current Director of the Mission grocery store at the time. This program funds projects in the community that teach individuals about health and nutrition through planting, tending and harvesting their own fruits and vegetables.


Everyone created eco-friendly, biodegradable seedling pots out of newspaper, then planted them with vegetable, herb & flower seeds.  The following month, the pots were placed directly in the large beds, avoiding transplant shock for the tender plants.

Mission Project 2