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How does a family join Mission Project 2 ?

Mission Project 2 (MP2) may have a limited number of openings over the next several years.  Please read the information provided on this page, and determine if MP2 would be a good fit for your family.


Becoming a member of Mission Project 2 is a multi-step process.  MP2 holds Informational Meetings 1-2 times each year to explain the program in depth.  The first step in the process is to attend one of these meetings, where we will describe in detail the MP2 organization, how it works, the familial/guardian duties and obligations, and the remaining steps for application to become a member.


What are the Admission Criteria ?

Participants in Mission Project 2 are expected to be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Participants are expected to function moderately autonomously with some supports, rather than 24-hour supports, and be able to live alone or with a roommate in an independent apartment.


  • Participants must have a plan in place for a paying job, volunteer job, or be actively working with a job developer to help obtain employment.


  • Participants need to be physically and coginitively able to participate in MP2 activities.  It is expected they will attend MP2 activities on a regular basis.


  • MP2 Participants must:

    • Be able to conduct themselves in a cooperative and congenial manner.

    • Be able to comprehend and follow directions, especially in emergency situations.

    • Be able to notify their parents, relatives, guardians or service providers in an emergency.

    • Be independently mobile, with or without assistive devices.

    • Be able to bathe, shower, dress themselves and maintain self-hygiene.


  • Participants must be able to function in MP2 in a cooperative, non-endangering manner to self and others.


  • Participants of MP2 are expected to adhere to certain expectations or standards of behavior.  These standards include:

    • respecting the space, bodies, property and time of others;

    • respecting the feelings of others;

    • and, taking responsibility for themselves and their actions.



Individuals with a history of harmful and/or predatory behavior to self or others are discouraged from making application to Mission Project 2.  Examples of endangering behaviors include, but are not limited to, self-injury, physical and/or sexual aggression towards others, history of stealing, and substance abuse.

What are Families'/Guardians' obligations once accepted into Mission Project 2 ?

Each participant must have at least one parent, family member, guardian or representative who will be an active member of the Mission Project 2 (MP2) Board.  Two members are expected, except in rare circumstances. Each participant will have one or two representatives in attendence at monthly board meetings.  It is expected that no family representative will miss more than two meetings a year, except in extraordinary circumstances.


Each family will have specific job responsibilities for the benefit of MP2.  Examples of responsibilites include service as a Board officer or committee member, organizing or helping with participant activities or events, providing transportation for activities, helping with the MP2 newsletter, or marketing, etc.


Each family must be actively involved in fundraising for MP2, both in procuring donations and participating in events.  The families should meet the level of participation as set forth in the MP2 External Rules.  For each fundraising event, families must meet the level of participation established by the fundraising committee and perform assigned jobs on the day of the events.


Families should attend most fundraising events each year. In addition, families can help in other ways by suggesting fundraising ideas, locating probable sources for grants, or seeking direct contributions from employers, friends and family members, as well as the general public.


Each family is encouraged to make a yearly contribution to MP2 at a level suggested by the MP2 Board to support programming and transportation for MP2 participants.


Each family of an MP2 participant must not only enable and actively encourage their participant to become involved with MP2 activities, but should enable all MP2 participants the opportunity to be involved. There are many ways this can be done to promote socializing amongst the participants:  organizing and leading an event, club, outings, parties, movie nights, etc.


Families are always expected to ensure that their participant has adequate health, dental and personal care. Families are expected to maintain active contact with their participant so that these needs are met.


Families are responsible for routinely checking their emails and cell phones for messages regarding MP2 business.

What are the costs associated with membership in Mission Project 2 ?

There is a one-time $1,500 initial donation once a participant becomes an accepted MP2 member. The current level of annual member family donation is $1,000.


There are also individual costs associated with apartment rent, utilities, food, laundry and work transportation, which are the responsibility of the participants and their families/guardians.  Participants are expected to hold a job, and most can find a package of benefits which help with these costs.  Families may also incur the cost of paying for a service provider.


While individual participants' needs and preferences vary, on average these living expenses total approximately $1,200 per month.

Mission Project 2