Giving Back To The



MP2 participants are developing leadership skills and many volunteer their personal time with a variety of organizations to make a contribution to the KC metropolitan community.

Community Garden

​Established in Fall 2014, MP2 created a new community garden on property adjacent to their apartment buildings with enthusiastic help from the City of Mission, KS, the Mission Hy-Vee grocery store and local Boy Scout Troop 118.  This Garden Club activity helps teach participants how to care for plants and grow their own healthy vegetables and fruits to incorporate into their meals.

Community Support

Many local organizations, including the City of Mission, KS, the Mission Parks & Recreation Department at Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center, the Johnson County Parks & Recreation, the participants' apartment complex, Lucky Brewgrille and other local Mission, KS businesses have been fully supportive in helping with our overall goals.

Healthy Living

MP2 participants take part in several programs to help them get and stay fit, and developing healthy, safe lives. These programs include regular exercise and learning to cook and eat balanced menus. Memberships at the Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center is integral to the participants' success.

Community Integration

Programs are organized to help the participants integrate into the general community.  The Community Strong group helps build interpersonal skills, social integration abilities, time management skills and their knowledge of their surrounding community.


Arts & Recreation

Recreational activities include the Travel Club, Movie Club, Bunco games, and social outings, including those organized by the Mission Parks & Recreation Department at Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center.


In January 2015, MP2 launched the

new creative Arts Enrichment Program, so that our participants can enjoy expressing themselves in a variety of arts media, field trips to local galleries and art museums, and giving them access to display their artworks in the KC arts community.